Energetic Treatment

AkupunkturmenschENERGETIC TREATMENT has been used for thousands of years for stimulating and strengthening people’s self-healing powers. It is based upon what is called QI in Chinese, i.e. vital energy that runs through everything.
Physical and mental health can only be guaranteed if this vital energy flows through your organism in a well balanced and harmonious way.

Once this flow is disturbed, a person’s capabilities and well being are impaired. If such an imbalance is very severe and long lasting, it can manifest itself as sickness.

The ENERGETIC TREATMENT exists in different forms in all cultural areas and is applied for health promotion, life care and in the domain of outpatient and clinical treatment.

I apply

  • the traditional Chinese system NEI GONG LIAOFA which evolved from Qigong and is connected to TCM,
    special forms of akupressur as well as
  • the system THERAPEUTIC TOUCH© which has been developed in clinical nursing in the USA.

The process of treatment

By means of specific touch stimuli and techniques without physical touch, the organism is supported in dissolving (excess-)tension and energetic blockades, in making stagnated QI flow, harmonizing imbalances and diverting toxic QI.

“Felicity and bliss will occur where there is peace.”
(Dschuang Dse, Daoist)