About me

The traditional Asian culture of living has been fascinating me since my youth. In the course of my intensive studies of more than 20 years of different martial and healing arts as well as in practicing different meditation forms my special favour for the Chinese arts developed: YIQUAN and QIGONG.

In my work as a YIQUAN- and QIGONG- teacher two issues are of great importance, imparting QIGONG basics and integrating them into everyday life on the one hand, and quietness and clarity of the mind as a source for spiritual growth and inner peace on the other. Only a well established fundament guarantees to find your way in the multitude of techniques.

My own training practice is strongly influenced by the tradition of Zhanzhuanggong (see YIQUAN).

What I offer especially suits those people who have the wish and the willingness to work on themselves more deeply. If you are seeking entertainment or gymns, I am definitely not the right person to address to as it is none of my intention to include such things in my teaching.

The aim of my own work is striving for unity with DAO as well as trying to reach a state of happiness, clarity, and power which is the basis for all activities and practicing. What is important for me in my work as certified guidance counsellor for social matters and supervisor is to connect profound experiences of East Asian traditions with Western psychological and psychosomatical findings for the benefit of my Clients.

1987: Begin of work as a teacher of Taijiquan and Qigong
1995: Winner of the „4th International Kung Fu Championships“ in the discipline Tui Shou
1996: Begin of work as a teachers´ trainer at the Taiji & Qigong Association Austria
1997: Founding member of the IQTÖ (Professional Qigong – & Taiji Teachers Association Austria)
2002: authorised Yiquan teacher by Yao Chengrong
2003: Foundation of the YIQUAN & QIGONG Association Austria – chairman and director of instruction
2005: Master disciple of Yao Chengrong (Yiquan Master, 3rd generation in line)
2005: Instructor-Certificate of the Zhongyi Martial Arts Academy Beijing, accepted by the Chinese Wushu Association
2009: High Level Teacher – Certificate of the Zhongyi Martial Arts Academy Beijing, accepted by the Chinese Wushu Association


Massage therapies:

Sport and healing massages, lymphatic drainage, Acupunctural massage, Marnitz-Therapy, reflexology, physioenergetics, Chinese massage, breathing training, Therapeutic Touchã, Mental healing techniques, informational medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bowen Therapy, Spiral dynamics©.

Martial Arts:

Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Ving Tsun Kung Fu, Esdo trainer certificate, Bodyguard training, Taijiquan, Yiquan.


Study under Yao Chengrong (Zhongyi Martial Arts Academy Beijing) as well as impulses from Jumin Chen.


Training and advanced training in different areas and styles of the Moving and Still Qigong under many national and international experts of Qigong.
Basic teacher training of Still Qigong after Zhi Chang Li/Munich, Qigong teacher training as well as master certificate for teaching teachers of the TAIJI & QIGONG Association Austria.

Counselling and coaching:

Education in counselling and coaching for private and business concerns.
Further education in provocative and hypno-systemic therapy.


  • Yiquan und Qigong – courses, seminars, individual lessons, and business trainings
  • Special Yiquan and Qigong trainings for job specific demands (therapists, competitive sportspeople, martial artists, managers, computer workers, teachers etc.)
  • Qigong therapy (in cooperation with the respective doctor in charge)
  • Health maintaining and health stimulating energetic treatments (Wai Qi Liaofa as well as Therapeutic Touch©)
  • Counselling and coaching for private and business concerns


“If only a single leaf moves
the whole branch can also tremble.

(chinese aphorism)


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