Special Activity

Private seminars for YIQUAN and QIGONG

Book your own seminar and thereby create the ideal exercise environment for you!

WE will discuss your personal ideas and suggestions in regard to the YIQUAN and QIGONG training and work together on integrating them into your training schedule.

YOU organise a group of participants and the appropriate location.

I will provide you with the agreed training process.

Feel free to contact me! I am looking forward to working together with you.

SPECIAL TRAININGS for companies, clubs and occupational groups

Let the health enhancing and performance stabilising advantages of QIGONG and YIQUAN benefit you, your employees, club members or people represented by you. We will discuss your ideas and suggestions concerning the YIQUAN and QIGONG training and we will decide together on how to integrate them into the training. Based on your needs, your individual starting situation and aims, I will provide a unique training schedule for you and thus guarantee an appropriate practice process.

Simply contact me for further details and information. I am looking forward to collaborating with you.

Individual training for martial artists

Are you a martial artist who wants to optimize his/her skills?

Benefit from the know how of universally applicable posture and movement principles! All training aspects of YIQUAN focus especially on the communication and realisation of posture and movement principles since these principles are required in order to perform certain techniques properly.

Because YIQUAN is not technique-orientated, it is possible to integrate these Daoist principles of YIQUAN into any other area of martial art.


  • the effortless erection of the body
  • the economy of the movements
  • the mental attitude – YI
  • the schooling of cognitive abilities
  • the centring of body and mind
  • the body’s own sensomotoric training

are very important for the training of martial artists.

Because of my long-time experiences with a variety of martial arts as well as the experience of being a YIQUAN teacher, I am happy to assist you with the perfection of your martial art skills.


  • Individual training for athletes and teachers of martial arts
  • Group training for members of a martial arts club.

Contact me for further information! I am looking forward to working together with you.


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