Yiquan Instructor Training

The YIQUAN and QIGONG School of Walter Marek in cooperation with the YIQUAN and QIGONG Association Austria offers the following trainings and further education:

1. Traditionally oriented training for YIQUAN course instructor

2. Traditionally oriented training for YIQUAN teacher (builds on the completion of the training for YIQUAN course instructor)

3. Advanced training for NEI GONG LIAOFA practitioner (builds on the completion of the training for YIQUAN teacher)

The special quality of the training

It is important to communicate a healthy basis and its integration into the daily life.
The training strives for reaching a synthesis between traditional Eastern methods and Western knowledge.
A main focus point is the personal experiencing of the training processes. This guarantees the incorporation of the taught knowledge into everyday life and makes it possible to pass on this information to others.
Trainings for small groups in a personal and intimate space add to the individual training experience provided.

 Target group

YIQUAN aims to put each human being and their individual development in the centre. The courses follow the traditional Chinese teaching style.

This training is directed at people who,

  • want to make use of an intensive training to improve personal development.
  • wish to be able to teach themselves.
  • want to expand professionally.
  • wish to improve their abilities in their private lives as well as in their professional with the help of Yiquan.

For example in the areas of:

  • Sport / Dance / Art
  • Therapy / Nursing / Massage
  • Consulting / Coaching / Training
  • Pedagogy and social work

Contents of training

The training is divided into various sections:

1. Intensive seminars (theory and practice)

2. Additional courses that have to be successfully completed (e.g. First Aid, anatomy, physiology)

3. Independent training practice

4. Independent revision of the taught subjects

5. Presentation and group contemplation

6. Teaching assistance and teaching experience

7. Individual training with a teacher


You have to be willing to work intensively on both, your body and your mind.

An established interest in a long-term training process is required as well as a readiness to take part in a joint training process, which will include up to 75 lessons à 50 minutes of group training or a minimum of 20 hours à 60 minutes in private lessons.

Conclusion and diploma

Each training concludes with an oral and a practice-oriented examination and is awarded with a diploma from the Yiquan and Qigong Association Austria (YQGÖ). Taking part in the examination is optional.

Students who do not wish to take the exam will be given a confirmation of participation regarding the successfully completed training steps. Additional information concerning the education for course instructors as well as for the teacher training can be found in this pdf-file. 

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

It is already possibly to place yourself on hold for the next course of studies. If you are interested in the courses and seminars, please fill out the following form or contact Walter Marek directly: walter


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