Styles and Exercises

Pole standing – exercises (Zhanzhuanggong)

Zhanzhuanggong is one of the oldest training systems of the Still Qigong. The exercises build up Inner Strength and set it free. This causes a process of deep cleansing and strengthening of the organism and a state of inner quietness.

Regulating exercises of the Moving Qigong

These exercises are supposed to balance Yin and Yang and to harmonize the Qi flow in the body.

Cleansing and protecting exercises of the Moving Qigong

These exercises are used for cleansing the energetic field of the organism and for strengthening Weiqi (defensive power).

Nourishing and activating exercises of the Moving Qigong

These exercises are used to take up Qi more thoroughly.

The eightfold return to the light (Bafanhuanggong)

This old Qigong system has its origin in the Wudang tradition and comprises eight complex exercises that develop the energetic and spiritual potential.

Exercises for health care (Baojiangong)

A system of exercises, which consists of simple stretch, straightening and massage techniques.

Crane Qigong (Hexiangzhuang qigong)

Crane Qigong consists of six exercises. Each of the six exercises has a special effect, like taking up and giving away Qi, cleansing and harmonizing the internal organs, connecting heaven and earth, mobilizing the spine and the joints, stimulating important energy channels and energy centers.

Qigong Walking (Xinggong)

This special way of walking makes the Qi flow, increases the own vital energy and thus stimulates the self-healing potential of the body.

The swimming dragon (Longyougong)

This exercise practiced in a standing position mobilizes the spine and regulates the internal organs of the body.

The eight pieces of brocade (Baduanjin)

Eight simple exercises from the Buddhist Qigong tradition, which initially were used to keep the soldiers strong and healthy. Each of the exercises has not only a general strengthening influence but also a special effect on inner organs and/or organ systems.

The six healing sounds (Liuzijue)

An old Qigong system from daoist tradition which cleanses, strengthens, regulates and harmonizes the internal organs and organ systems.

Activating the internal organs

Simple exercises and self-massage techniques which activate the function of the internal organs.

Spine Qigong

Spiral-form movements dissolve blockades and mobilize the spine and the joints of the body. This has a positive influence on the posture and the Qi flow.

Medical Qigong

Each functional system (for heart, lung, stomach/spleen/pancreas, liver, kidney, joints) of the Traditional Chinese Medicine is regulated and harmonized by always eight exercises from the Moving Qigong and some supporting exercises from the Still Qigong as well as by self-massage. There is also a special program with exercises from the Moved and Still Qigong which especially has to do with regulating the eye sight.

Basic exercises from the Still Qigong (Jinggong) and Internal Qigong (Neigong)

The exercises are chosen according to the aims, prerequisites, and the time of the students or clients. Thus a system of exercises is put together which meets the individual demand.


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