What is Yiquan?

Yiquan is a Chinese way of practise in order to develop our body and mind.

Yiquan uses the power of mind and imagination. The process which is started by inner pictures and intention is immediately transfered to the corporal sphere, by which body and mind integrate automatically. This process of integration reacts upon and encloses on the other hand all spheres of human being.

Yiquan is

  • Martial Art
  • Meditation
  • Health Care
  • Inner Art of Healing

Yiquan as Martial Art

Power of Tiger

Yiquan is from the tradition of the inner styles and means „mind boxing“. Yiquan does,   to a large extent, without exercises and forms, but concentrates on the ESSENCE of traditional Chinese martial arts: training of mind and building up Inner Strength. The central aspect is working with the power of imagination. This activates our natural abilities and enables martial artists to perform in a direct, spontaneous and energetic way. Yiquan exercises are clearly structured and easily comprehensible.
This explains why they are so effective, or as Wang Xianzhai, the founder of Yiquan, puts it,

“What is most ordinary is the most extraordinary”
(Wang Xiangzhai, founder of YIQUAN)

Yiquan as Meditation

SilenceThe main exercise of YIQUAN is Zhanzhuanggong (Link mit den Fotos auf der Seite Yiquan/Fotos/Zhanzhuang-Training) which is also called “standing like a tree”.
By practising Zhanzhuanggong we attain a clear state of mind, physical strength and inner peace, or “Hunyuan“.
In this state of balanced mind and strength we experience an intrinsic process of absolute purification and healing of both body and the mind. What we ultimately aspire is to realize the initial nature of all being.

“Returning to one’s origin
means attaining silence.”

Yiquan as Health Care

Bluete_1 Since good health forms the basis of success and contentment in martial arts and any other activities, physical and mental health care is an essential element of Yiquan.
The exercises enable you to work on physical, mental and emotional blockades in an active way and to solve them little by little.
YIQUAN helps you to return from permanent activity to silence, from thinking to feeling, from tension to relaxation and it is an excellent method to strengthen the immune system as well as to slow down processes of nerval and physical wear. Therefore it is extremely suitable for burn-out prevention.

“Der Weise sucht, was in ihm selber ist,
der Tor, was außerhalb.”

Yiquan als Inner Art of Healing

Wellen_1Because of the great healing effect of Zhanzhuanggong on body and mind, YIQUAN can be applied for recovering after serious illness – as an ideal support and promotion of orthodox medical and psychotherapeutical treatment. It can be practised for inpatients and outpatients alike.
YIQUAN enables patients to take responsibility for their own and to contribute to the process of healing in an active and responsible way.


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