Effects and benefit

YIQUAN as Martial Art

  • You are offered a whole system of a martial art style of the inner school.
  • You cultivate martial art, meditation and health care within one training process.
  • Practical self-defense
  • Improves your natural potential and abilities
  • Martial art as the art of living

YIQUAN as Meditation

  • Integrates your body and mind to become whole
  • Enables self-experience and personal development
  • Helps you to find your centre
  • Trains the senses and improves your perception
  • Joins us with our origin of being

YIQUAN for Health Care

  • Emproves you vitality and efficiency
  • Strengthens and stabilizes your state of health
  • Enables deep regeneration
  • Minimizes processes of somatic and emotional wear

Yiquan as Art of Inner Healing

  • Activates natural processes of self-healing
  • Builds up inner power
  • Helps you to use the effect of inner pictures
  • Dissolves energetic blockades in the organism
  • Enables you to go through the process of healing activly and self-determined

My offer to you is

  • Tempel_am_WasserLectures
  • Individual instructions
  • Business and special trainings for job-specific demands (Competitive athletes, therapists, managers, etc.)
  • Semester courses
  • Weekend seminars

For further informations please see Kurse & Seminare (german pages) or contact me.


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