History of Yiquan

Yiquan has its roots in Xingyiquan and was developed by Master Wang Xiangzhai (1886-1963) in the middle of the 1920s. Mister Wang was the last master disciple of the most famous Xingyiquan Master of that time, Master Guo Yunshen, who came from the province Hebei. As a result of the great commitment, talent, and character of Wang Xiangzhai Guo Yunshen taught his last master disciple the secrets of the Zhangzhuang exercises. After his death Wang went off on his travels across China for many years to prove the quality of his martial art. In this time he exchanged experiences with many famous masters from different martial arts (Shaolin-Xinyiba Style, Crane Boxing, different Xingyiquan Styles, Baguazhang, Taijiquan) and thus completed his own martial art in theory and practical experience. Wang Xiangzhai dedicated his whole life to the search for the essence of the inner martial arts (Neijiaquan) and the systematization of their principles. Wang Xiangzhai put the Zhanzhuanggong (Pole Standing exercises) and Shili (exercises to feel Inner Strength) in the center of his training with the aim to return to the quintessence of the inner martial arts. This was the historical beginning of Yiquan. Wang Xiangzhai, the founder of Yiquan, was not only known as excellent martial art expert who won a manifold of challenges but also as Master of Zen. He was also a famous poet, painter and calligrapher. Later in his life he spent his time with maintaining health and preventing sicknesses as well as with healing illnesses with the help of Yiquan. Many patients who did not improve under common therapy were cured with the aid of Yiquan. Later, the therapeutic benefit of Yiquan was academically proven by Prof. Ph.D. Yu Yongnian, a late disciple of Wang Xiangzhai. Wang Xiangzhai named Yao Zongxun, his most noticeable disciples, as his successor. The latter passed on his knowledge to both of his sons, Yao Chengguang and Yao Chengrong. The two of them are so successful in East Asia that they enjoy an excellent reputation as martial artists. Both Yao Zongxun and his son Yao Chengrong formed YIQUAN significantly. This legacy is being passed on to the next generation by Yao Yue along with his father Yao Cheng Rong.

Wang Xiangzhai
Yao Zongxun
Yao Chengrong
Yao Yue

Yao_mit_WalterI am a master-student (di zi) of master Yao Chengrong. In my work I orientate myself by Family Yao. Master YAO CHENGRONG, to whom I am very grateful for everything he let me know authorized me to teach YIQUAN.

I thank also Master Yao Yue and Mr. Christian Bauer for their aid on my Yiquan-way.

In my work as a teacher for YIQUAN it is important for me to integrate traditional knowledge and western findings in the field of psychology and psychosomatics as well as to transfer the understanding from your practise to every day life.

More fotos about “traditionel master” you can find here.


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